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Clean Energy for Our Future

Meet Jean-Jacques


I am running for a seat on the Light Commission. I have the experience to help solve the complex problems facing our Marblehead Municipal Light Department, reduce our use of fossil fuels, and help us all navigate towards a clean energy future.

Meet Jean-Jacques
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Things to know about me
  • Born in France, US Citizen

  • Came to Marblehead 35 years ago

  • Board Member, North Shore InnoVentures

  • Board Member, Sustainable Marblehead

  • Member, Old North Church Festival Chorus

  • Member, Gut’n Feathers Club

I am a Chemical Engineer by training, with experience in clean energy projects.

For the first 15 years of my career, I worked in the biotechnology industry, where I learned the necessity and discipline of long term planning to bring products to the market. For the next 15 years, I helped finance companies working on large-scale innovative projects: one tested the feasibility of floating wind farms, another pioneered a refinery which used starch rather than oil as feedstock. Both projects have now become successful industries. As a result of this experience, I am very familiar with the operational, financial and cultural constraints to bringing change and innovation to organizations of all kinds. In 2013, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked me to come to Boston to develop innovation partnerships with American companies. 

I have a long-standing commitment to Marblehead, where my wife Louise Bullis, grew up and where we were married 34 years ago. We live in an antique house in the heart of Old Town and consider this beautiful seaside town our home. 

My Priority Issues

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

In light of the climate crisis and developments around the world related to the sale of oil and gas, this has never been more important.

Keeping rates low

By entering into contracts for low cost renewable energy, lowering our consumption at peak times, and introducing battery storage in town for those times when the sun and wind are not generating enough energy, we can keep our rates low.

Strengthening our electric grid

As we learned in October of 2021 when a major storm took down trees and the entire town lost power, our electricity infrastructure is vulnerable to extreme weather. Some of it is obsolete. We must shore up, strengthen, and update our infrastructure. 

Planning for the future

As more Marblehead residents purchase electric vehicles and install electric heat pumps in their homes, the burden on the Marblehead Municipal Light Department to provide for our energy needs will only get greater. We need to prepare for this and have a plan!


Be in Touch, Get Involved!

I value your input. Please share your thoughts or concerns. You can reach me by pressing the "Get Involved" button or by e-mail at

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